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The Best features you will find anywhere.

Easy Pricing

Starting for as low as 50 kobo per impression. We charge only when your ad creatives are displayed, making sure you only pay for what you display.


You can enable geo targeting by country, state or city, set the days and time you need your campaigns running.

Global Reach

With a global reach of Content delivery Networks, we'll deliver your ads to the ends of the world.


Our MarketPlace allows you to display your ads on selected premium spaces on sites.

Frequency Capping

You have the option to set the number of times a user can view your ads within a specified period, so you can spend your money wisely


No user on your site is lost, you can allow us to make them fall in love with your product by activating the retargeting feature.


Your campaign's performances are displayed in easy to read reports displaying click-through rates, location and time reports broken down for each ad creative.

Creative Bank

All your ad creatives (images, text, image and text, HTML, etc) are kept together in a bank to allow you pick them and add to new campaigns.


With Industry standard security protocols, we make sure that your campaigns are well protected and you get full value for your money.

How it works

A brief description of how to get started.

  • Create your Campaign

    Create your campaign with a Name, duration and daily budget (the max amount you're willing to spend/day)

  • Add your Creatives

    Add your Images, Text, Image & Text Combo or HTML designs that represents your campaign

  • Deposit some funds

    Deposit some money for your campaigns to run using the wonderful Payable Service. Don't worry, you can withdraw your money at any time

  • Campaign Starts Running

    Every day your daily budget is withdrawn from your Payable Account to display your creatives (images, text, etc) on our Ad Publishing Network. Again all your unused funds will be refunded back to your Payable Account after each day

  • Get